It is a tremendous honor to be nominated for the Walter Payton Man of the Year award and a definite highlight of my NFL career. The late Walter Payton was one of the NFL’s most explosive players and one of the community’s most charitable leaders. I am truly humbled to be recognized in the same sentence as his name and for an award that honors his impactful legacy. Growing up, it’s always a dream to hear your name called on NFL Draft night. While your goal as a competitor in any sport is to be acknowledged as valuable on the field of play, I have always felt equally committed to earning MVP status off the field. For me, a spirit of giving is a foundational principle that was ingrained in me since childhood. As a Christian, father, son, and professional athlete, I feel a strong responsibility to speak up and take action for those who are underprivileged and those who are marginalized. My experiences have provided a feeling of gratitude toward society and compassion toward those who need help. My ultimate hope is to help bring my team and city a championship, inspire others to give, be a catalyst for positive change, and glorify God every step of the way. This nomination means everything to me, and I am eternally grateful to those who saw fit to select me. I am forever committed and exceptionally revitalized to follow in the extraordinary footsteps of the great Walter Payton and to live up to everything it means to be Man of the Year.


Be blessed,

Kelvin Beachum