Kelvin Beachum Amongst the Top 20 Most Tech-Savvy Athletes

From founding tech-centric startups and deploying strategic investments to leveraging social media and building a digital brand, today’s athlete, whether active and retired, is continuously redefining what it means to be a professional off the field or court.

NFL player Kelvin Beachum, Jr. meets students at World Vision's Juan Ramon Molina school technology project in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. These students show Kelvin some graphic design skills they've learned using photos of him from the Internet. In Tegucigalpa, World Vision operates an intensive technology training lab that reclaims neighborhood territory from hardships such poverty, single parent homes, teen pregnancies, gang violence, and drugs. It provides a safe space for children to learn about computer repair, the Internet, and get training on creative and professional software (graphic design, video editing, MS Word, etc.) The program focuses on entrepreneurial business development so young people have access to practical skills around technology.

When Beachum isn’t in the trenches on Sundays, the Southern Methodist graduate is leveraging Linkedin to broaden his network in the venture capital and technology space, which includes deep interests in everything from drones and robotics to aviation and artificial intelligence. He has been a staunch supporter of programs centered around STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) and their ability to provide complimentary means of education to what students are learning in the traditional classroom setting. During his recent community football camp, Beachum included tech-based gadgets in hospitality bags as a way to say thanks to teammates and NFL friends who assisted. Beachum, who recently spoke at the U.S. News STEM Solution conference in San Diego this summer, is an investor in venture capital fund Next Play Capital. Also a board member for the NFLPA’s OneTeam Collective, Beachum has formally or informally worked with the likes of Chevron and NASA, two companies where relationships have initiated and developed via Beachum’s use of social media.

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