Kelvin Beachum Jr. on Faith, Family, and Football

"Life’s priorities are not something you add to your life. They are a course you choose."

NFL player Kelvin Beachum, Jr. plays American football (Fútbol Americano) with students from World Vision's Agua Blanca project and peer-to-peer tutoring program in San Juan, Honduras. The Agua Blanca program teaches children to teach their peers and parents about good sanitation and hygiene practices for better health. A World Vision-built water reservoir that sits high up the hillside above the school pipes clean water to community.

I am a Christian. Every day I make the choice to put God first and allow my love and pursuit of Him dictate where I spend my time, the interests I pursue, and the order of my priorities.

I am a father, husband, brother, and son. Aside from God, my family and I share the most unfailing love. They are the ones who know me best, accept and support me unconditionally, teach me, laugh with me, laugh at me, and share my memories.

I am a professional athlete. Every day, I suit up with the intention to protect my quarterback, block my opponent, fight alongside my teammates, and most importantly, win.

Faith, family, football. This is my foundation.

With a solid groundwork rooted in offering and community, I am able to pursue my passion of servanthood – specifically ending hunger.

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