• Feb. 2016 Baylor MLK Keynote (100 attendees)
  • Feb. 2017 PLTW STEM Keynote (800 attendees)
  • Feb. 2017 Emory University, Diversity and Inclusion (120 attendees)
  • March 2017 Walsh University Hunger Summit at NFL HOF (100 attendees)
  • April 2017 National WIC Association, Personal Keynote (700 attendees)
  • May 2017 US STEM Solutions panelist
  • June 2017 World Vision Headquarters Keynote
  • Feb. 2018 LinkedIn Speaker Series
  • April 2019 Q Conference
  • May 2019 FBI Headquarters Leadership Speaker for Security Unit

PLTW: Kelvin was the keynote speaker at the Texas Project Lead the Way Summit in February 2017. He spoke on the topic: “Being Change Agents in STEM Education.” Kelvin acknowledged the difficulties teachers face in the current climate, but encouraged them to create small successes every day, to renew themselves regularly and to work collaboratively to find resources, new ideas and training and support.

US News STEM Solutions – Kelvin was a panelist for the discussion “Batter Up: The Science of Sports” in San Diego at the STEM Solutions conference in May 2017. The dialogue focused on the impact of science and technology on sports and with athletes. The audience ranged from teachers, to business professionals and entrepreneurs.

ITSMF: Kelvin was on a panel with pro-sports tech experts discussing emerging technologies in sports. Kelvin talked about how new technology (monitoring systems, measuring tools, video games/virtual sports and training devices) are impacting players both positively and negatively. Kelvin talked about privacy issues for players, the constant pressure to stay within or exceed ever-increasingly complex metrics and the increasing demands of fans to know more and more about players in real time.

ITSMF Q1:  Kelvin was the keynote speaker for the Q1 ITSMF Symposium in 2018. The theme of his speech was “Charting a Path to the Digital Revolution”

NSBE: Kelvin was on a panel at the National Society for Black Engineers with Michael Palmer, the CIO for the NFL discussing professional sports and technology. The ITSMF audience was more business professionals, NSBE was STEM professional.